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Gündoğan, known as Farilya, is one of the old residental areas in the Peninsula. Fishing, trade of olive, sponge fishing and trade of mandarin were main sources of income in Gündoğan, but nowadays some theese has lost. In case, it achieved to get an important share in tourism. Gündoğan is located on the road beetween Yalıkavak and Göltürkbükü and in the hillside of a rocky hill. Monuments here such as rocky monosteries, church, mosque indicate rich history of Gündoğan.



You can join either daily boat tours in Gündoğan or you can visit The Apostol Island that is located 15 minutes distant by boat. Green flora of island, surrounding rocks with intersting view, Ruins of Byzantium church with three naves residing on the hill which can be reached with an hour walk, frescos on the walls of monument, cistern and ruins of monuments used by priest will give a magic touch for your island trip. You can also visit Peynir Çiçeği Stalactite Cave and findings of an ancient settlement inthe area that are capturing great attention. Places To See Cave of Peynir Çiçeği, Island of Rabbit, Apostol Church, Church of Fifty-two Ladders, Stone Tombs, Historical Cisterns.


Tracking in the wild, watching the sunset, Craft tours. All beaches at Gündoğan keeps Blue Flag standards. There are several activities in Gündoğan that Gündoğan tourism Fest, Camel Fights Fest.